Elena Poka was born in Athens. In 2005 she graduated with honours from Athens School of Fine Arts, and in 2007 completed her Masters in Contemporary Theatre at Brunel University.

As a visual artist Elena has participated in international exhibitions and her works belong to private collections and museums.

She is the founder of the Elena Poka Company, which, over the last five years has produced three theatrical performances.

Her current production is the site-specific piece of work “The Return of Persephone” which began taking place in London in December 2016. This was followed by another performance in April 2017 and will continue to occur across London throughout the ensuing months.

She is interested in unfolding and reinventing the myth, in all its forms.

She is fascinated by the fluidity of human nature’s ability to embody everything from animal to over-man and the spaces in between. Similarly, she seeks to metaphorically walk the lines between life and death, most recently in the guise of Persephone.

Her intention, during these explorations, is to interrupt the rhythms of daily life and cause audiences, both unwitting and predetermined, to question their positions within these margins.