Elena Poka Company is a contemporary theatre company with a multidisciplinary live art expression. It's current production is "The Return of Persephone", a work which combines theatre, visual arts, contemporary architecture and documentary film.

While producing our work we run open workshops available to actors performers, visual artists, architects, directors, writers, story-tellers and anyone who is keen to recreate his work within a new framework.
The aim of our workshops is to share our research methodologies with other artists and to develop new areas of common research and expression.

We focus on each individual and his experience. We motivate them to use their body as a medium to create an experimental theatrical form using physical skills from speech to the tiniest movement of the finger, to improvisation and physical theatre. Words, images, voices, sounds, stories and bodies take place in a new platform of multiple realities.

Elena collaborates mainly with performers as well as writers, choreographers, directors and visual artists and is a producer for emerging artists.

She has been teaching in UK and rest of Europe for more than 12 years and working as an art therapist with autistic adults and children for the last 7 years.